Learn to Read Library of Books

Our library of books is the heart of Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read. Each level includes a set of original storybooks that feature an exciting range of beautifully illustrated stories by award-winning authors.


Library of Books

Each book is written using words your child has learned to read so far in the program, with a few unfamiliar words to add spice to the stories. When it's time to read a book, you can have the confidence in knowing that your child will be able to pick up the book and read it all on his or her own.

As your child progresses through the levels of Learn to Read, the books become more advanced, growing with your child's increasing reading skills.

These books are designed for success, providing children with achievable goals and challenges. With the variety of funny and exciting books, reading is its own reward.

Award-Winning Authors

The Learn to Read roster of award-winning authors includes Rosemary Wells, Robert San Souci, David Ezra Stein, Michelle Knudsen, and Carolyn Crimi.
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Beautiful Illustrations

Over 20 diverse and talented illustrators bring the books to life, each with a unique style to capture the exciting moments of each story with memorable illustrations.
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Variety of Books

From pirate tales to giant bunnies to Ping-Pong playing chickens, the library of books has a wide variety of topics to engage children and keep them eager to read.
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