Tips for Reading to Your Baby

Reading to your baby not only fosters a bond between you and your child, but it creates loving associations with reading and stimulates your baby's creativity, increases her attention span, memory, and listening skills.

Tips for picking books:

  • Choose sturdy, wipeable books. Your baby is probably teething and drooling quite a bit.
  • Introduce books with flaps. These kinds of books are like a game of peek-a-boo.
  • Let your child choose her favorite books. This will encourage your child to take an active part in the reading process and will make certain the subject matter and stories will always be of interest to her.

Tips for reading to your baby:

  • Ham it up! Make funny voices and sound effects.
  • Hold your baby on your lap with a book.
  • Begin prompting with questions and providing answers.
  • Begin to turn the page and let your baby continue to press it to the left.
  • Let your baby explore the book physically, in his hands and even in his mouth. That's how babies learn about their world.
  • Talk about the book and provide context and background knowledge.
  • Begin to make connections among books, pointing out similarities.

Tips for reading time:

  • Set aside 'special time' for reading with your child: This will encourage your child to develop a reading routine that will make reading part of his/her daily life. Read to your child everyday, if you can!
  • Let your child dictate the amount of time spent reading: This will assure you that reading never becomes tedious for your child and continues to be fun and exciting. As the activity becomes part of your child's daily life, the length of time your child can listen and read will become longer and longer.
  • Let your child read the books over and over if they choose to do so. This encourages long-term memory and vocabulary retention and will make your child an expert on the topic!


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