Hooked on Phonics® in the Classroom

Want to create a balanced reading program in your classroom?

Hooked on Phonics programs can help. Designed with the assistance of leading educators to reflect the current research on how children learn best, our award-winning reading programs combine systematic instruction with plenty of confidence-building reading practice to ensure mastery of skills. The interactive lessons, fun skill-building activities, and high-interest stories and books appeal to all kinds of learners- helping you meet the diverse needs in your classroom. And they're fun and easy to implement. Try them in your classroom and see for yourself how they turn the highly complex cognitive task of learning to read into an exciting and motivating endeavor- for you and your students!

Hooked on Phonics in the Classroom

Hooked on Phonics programs are based on authoritative research in the field, providing a balance of systematic instruction and fun activities. We crafted the scope and sequence of our programs with the guidance of specialists, teachers, and parents. The lessons, games, stories, and activities for all of our programs were created not only to reflect newly learned skills, but also to engage and motivate students and get them excited about learning. And teachers across the country agree- the formula works!

Our mission in designing curriculum for our programs is for every student to achieve measurable progress during each lesson, and to make it easy for them to achieve that goal. These important hints can help ensure success with the program:

Individual Pacing

Part of what makes Hooked on Phonics programs so successful is our commitment to meeting students' individual needs. This curriculum is adaptable to accommodate students learning at different speeds. Feel free to tailor it to fit the needs and pacing of your students.


It's very important that students master each lesson before moving on. Each new lesson builds on the skills learned in the previous ones. Giving students the time and tools needed to master each lesson is key to achieving the greatest benefit from the program.

Remember these simple guidelines as you teach the Hooked on Phonics reading programs, and you and your students will enjoy measurable success each step of the way!